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General Information:

* You may take pictures and shoot video from our helicopter.
* There is no age limit to take a helicopter tour. Children less than 24 months are free. Once a child reaches his/her second birthday they must be in their own belted seat. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Here are the questions that we've been asked the most. You may find answer that you are looking for:

- Will I get motion sickness or get dizzy?
No. The ride is very smooth and you will feel as if you are in the car.

- Is a helicopter more dangerous than a plane?

In case of eventual engine failure, the helicopter will never fall from the sky like a rock. In fact, the helicopter's characteristics allow it to go down at a constant speed rate without engine and land on the surface of a small size.

To land without troubles, an airplane needs wide and clear space, which is difficult to find during the emergency situation.

- How often are the helicopters maintained?

Our helicopter is a subject to thorough examination in the maintenance service of the Lamentin airport every time after the total flight time of 100 hours.

- Is it noisy on board?

The noise inside the cabin is comparable to the one of inside a light airplane. It is a little bit noisier than in the car.





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