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Enjoy the magnificent views of Martinique and experience the thrill of flying a helicopter yourself! 

A flying initiation lesson is provided by a highly qualified instructor. The lesson is a small part of the Private Pilot's Training program which includes:

1) briefing on aerodynamics, flying techniques and safety;

2) flight in a dual controlled helicopter under the instructor's supervision;

3) debriefing after flight.


Lesson of 20 minutes and about 18 minutes flight             390 €

Lesson of 20 minutes and about 30 minutes flight             690 €

Flying initiation lessons take place all year round and at any time convenient for you. However, the schedule is subject to change because of the weather operating limits.

An additional passenger may also share this experience with you from the rear seat.

If you would like to give someone a present that they would remember forever, we can offer our Gift certificates available for flying initiation lessons.



Domaine Château Gaillard

97229 Trois-Ilets Martinique F.W.I.

Tel : 05 96 66 10 80 
Fax : 05 96 48 22 21